Michigan Government Information

Public information from all branches of Michigan state government, excluding content defined in other collections here

Michigan Administrative Law Materials

Materials related to the regulatory functions and duties of Michigan government agencies within the Executive Branch

Michigan Legislative & Statutory Materials

Documents created by the Michigan Legislature and resources that provide insight into laws and the law-making process

Michigan Constitutional Law

Michigan state constitutional convention proceedings and amendments, including state government analyses and commentary

Michigan Caselaw, Court Rules, & Procedures

A collection of primary, secondary and procedural resources developed and produced by the Michigan Judicial Branch

Michigan Regional, Local, & Tribal Government Materials

Materials published by local and regional authorities including county, township, municipal and village governments

Library of Michigan History

Images and documents chronicling the Library of Michigan’s 188 year history and its impact on libraries and citizens

Reference Collection (Access by library network only)

Indexes, finding aids and other reference tools.  Due to copyright restrictions, this collection is only available on site at the Library of Michigan

Michigana Collection

Privately or commercially published materials about Michigan people, places and events